CEO FKB Inner Peace Academy

Fatou Kassama Bayo is a transformational life coach; NLP practitioner and an international speaker specializing in helping people to bring their confidence back and overcome fear; as well as relationship coaching. I have passion and expertise in helping people to overcome low self-esteem and to become the best version of themselves while using strategies to heal and transform and get a front row seat in life. I thrive on asking challenging questions showing you how exactly to be you and to create a mindset that will shift unlimited benefits and unlock your leadership potential and growth across all walks of life.

I do workshop sessions for women and children which aims at changing their lives and coaching service to unleash women’s passion to strive and fulfil their goal. I run my own child minding business; my own home and my own network marketing business.

Fatou is originally from Gambia born in Senegal where my mother came from. I came to the UK as a young 16-year-old girl; who had been separated from her mother and younger siblings. I came with my brother and his wife and their young children. At that time, I knew no English, so it was hard for me to communicate with people.

I remember being that young girl striving for jobs going from job interview to job interview with no proper English language. After all those efforts I returned home with little confidence however that did not prevent me from continuing my search. Finally; after searching the yellow pages I came across a nursing home and applied to work there. I was able to get the job because of my experience back home caring for my great grandmother and my nephews. Two years after starting this job I got married.

Over the last 20 years during my marriage I have 9 beautiful children. On having my first child I decided to go to college and learn English properly as well as gain some qualifications. By the time I had my fourth child things became difficult for me to continue my studies. I began to stay at home alone with little contact with my friends. I started to experience muscle pains; I became scared to be alone and started hearing voices. I became ill all the time. I lost my self-confidence and did not really know who I really was. This continued for many years until 2011; when the doctor finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Which has no cure but suppresses the symptoms with medication used for depression. I began to travel out of the country every now and then trying to find my inner peace. Since this time, I searched for my true self-discovery as my life experiences were limited to being a wife and a mother. I realised that I had been busy with the children and other people’s happiness, so I lost all interest in myself not knowing what my hobbies were. In the last few years I decided to look deep inside me to reconnect with my inner peace; that is the only way that I could get happiness and my self-confidence back.


“The very international nature of students on the course has also been a major plus & both in terms condition of making new helping understanding modules.”